Arizona Irrigation Repair LLC offers everything for your outdoor living experience…from design to installation using the latest in techniques and materials.
We are familiar with all Home Owner’s Association requirements and can assist you with submitting all requested forms.
We are experts in remodeling your existing landscape to give you the most modern and up-to-date look.  All materials and labor costs are estimated in writing for your review prior to any work being done.
Call us today and we can transform your yard in to usable outdoor living space.


There are many elements that go into a successful landscape plan. Consideration must be taken for irrigation, power, shade, soil conditions, existing hardscapes and structures.

Arizona Irrigation Repair LLC can complete a design for your lifestyle and your budget. All estimates and designs are professionally developed and adjusted.

Let the pros take the guesswork out of your site plan and make your dream a reality!


Arizona Irrigation Repair LLC offers everything from maintenance to remodels to complete landscape installation for your rental properties or commercial area.

We will design and install a beautiful landscaped area or maintain your current landscape to all of your specifications and budget.  All materials and labor costs are estimated in writing for your review prior to any work being done.

Arizona Irrigation Repair LLC is licensed, bonded and insured in the state of Arizona and has more than 25 years experience installing and repairing all types of landscape and irrigation systems.

Arizona Irrigation Repair LLC can install or repair patios, walkways, fountains and water features as well as beautiful climate compatible grass, plants, trees and complete irrigation systems.

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