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Landscaping and getting things done around your Arizona home can be a lot to manage. Our lives are already hectic enough, and dealing with a sprinkler issue or lighting problem can make everything that much more stressful. If you’re looking for professionals who can handle all your irrigation and lighting, then turn to the experts at Arizona Irrigation Repair LLC. We have been serving the area since 1995 and we have skilled and experienced service providers ready to handle any job you throw at us. Call us today, and we can send over a service tech to take care of the problem!

Top Sprinkler System Experts in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix Cities.

Dealing with those complex sprinkler systems can be pretty annoying, especially if you don’t know how to solve a problem that arises. Given the intricate parts and processes of these irrigation systems, you need to work with a trusted and experienced team who can diagnose the problem and provide effective solutions. Take a look at some of the leading sprinkler and irrigation services we provide to Phoenix homeowners:

Sprinkler System Repair

When a sprinkler system breaks or isn’t working properly, you may have no idea where the problem lies. Typically you’ll have to hunt around to find the culprit. Luckily, our team is here to properly seek out where the problem lies, then tackle it with precision. We provide reliable sprinkler and drip repair to all Phoenix homeowners.

Irrigation System Reroutes

Over time, sprinkler heads and other components need to be replaced. Another common service you may need is an irrigation system reroute if you’re relocating, modifying, or upgrading your garden or lawn. If you need a professional irrigation system reroute in Phoenix, we’re here to help!

Sprinkler System Maintenance

As with other aspects of your home, maintenance is needed for sprinkler systems. Regular maintenance ensures proper functionality and boosts the longevity of your sprinkler. If maintenance is neglected, then you risk causing a serious problem or costly damage. For trusted sprinkler system maintenance Arizona Irrigation Repair is here to help!

Upgrade to Drip Irrigation

If you want to take your irrigation efforts to the next level in Phoenix, then your best bet is to have a drip irrigation system installed. Drip irrigation works by dripping water directly at the root zone of plants and trees, thus providing a direct source of water in order for these plants to grow at their best. This process also allows for less water loss since the water travels a shorter distance to get to its destination. If you want to upgrade to a drip irrigation system in Phoenix Arizona Irrigation Repair LLC is waiting for your call!

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